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It has come to the point in my life that I must expand my web page making potentials.
Time to learn more and more and more... 
"Only upon death does it end and maybe, just maybe, not."

Here is an index to all that I have done so far.

Sharon Wick's Excellent Adventures
contains:  Pictures and stories of my Harley Riding Days and the friends I've made and the friends and family I have lost.  Includes

The Main Restaurant
contains:  The Main Restaurant Poker Runs in Conneaut, Ohio

Wyatt Earp Family Connections
contains:  My research and the research of others on the Wyatt Earp Family.
My reason for the research is that I am the great great granddaughter of Milly Ann Earp who is a cousin of sorts of Wyatt.

Lake East 81 Bike Parties

Conneaut, Ohio History and Genealogy
contains:  Exactly what it says... History and Genealogy of Conneaut, Ohio
along with a business guide.

I also created a website for the following:

Moose Lodge 472, Conneaut, Ohio

Women of the Moose Chapter 86, Conneaut, Ohio

Moose Riders at Moose Lodge 472, Conneaut, Ohio

Sparky the Magic Clown, Conneaut, Ohio

The Day Street Inn, Conneaut, Ohio

The Days Inn, Conneaut, Ohio


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Motto for Today:

"You're only a loser if you give up"


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